It is a long time now the “Flag - wavers and Musician Town of Pisa” boast of their own ability to represent the historical image of Pisa. In this way, it becomes an example for those people who believe that living a few moments of our past again might help to contribute to facing better the growth of our future.

This group that wears supmptuous costumes of the Renaissance age, taken from original paintings of the fiftheenth century’s most famous painters, is formed by a variable organ of flag wavers, drummers, buglers and fife-players with other background characters, dressed up in Renaissance costumes as well. The group, immersed in a phantasmagorical frame of colours and sounds, revives the sensation of plunging into one of the most fascinating historical image of our beautiful Tusca Region. Besides, thank’s to the great versatility of performances, acquired through years of experiences, it can animate simple village and local festivals as well as any kind of important ceremonies and fairs. The group is called to give a note of colour to conferences, official ceremonies and special events such as weddings, welcome and opening parties in touristic and commercial centres.

Its own characteristic is mainly represented in demonstrations such as banners, challenges, jousts and historical courtships. It can play in different situations: in a small and closed places, in movement during a course, but it exalts its all choreographic qualities when it plays in big squares, by introducing with choral flag-games also unusual and fascinating choreographies of musicians. In such show, this group is so unique that it is one of the most regarded Italian groups.

Its own innumerable exhibitions have been welcomed with warm enthusiasm not only in Italy but also in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal and USA.

The group’s success achieved by its own Musicians and Flag-weavers during national competitions is great.


-Translated by Peter Greensmith- from “world Wine” wine cellar, Via Trieste 14 Pisa.

© 2001 sbandieratoripisa.it
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